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Become a Referee at Southend

 We are now taking applications for Referees for the upcoming season!  

All new and returning Referees will be required to apply for consideration.

To apply, please complete the Referee Application Form by clicking here and send the form by email to referee@southendsoccer.ca.

 We have referees at games for all age groups except the Saturday and Mondays minis.   You must be 2 years older than the age group that you are refereeing.   

 Assistant Referees, formerly known as Linesmen, are used for ages 12 to 18.  the two year age gap does not apply to Assistant Referees.    

 Once you have attended the training you will be assigned games based on your age, experience, and availability. 

 If you need to contact us our email address is referee@southendsoccer.ca  


Here are some reasons why you should Referee


  • Refereeing a soccer game is good exercise.
  • You can be outside in the sun.
  • It can keep you in shape for your own sports.
  • Help you lose and maintain weight.


  • Kids LOVE playing the beautiful game.
  • Referees make sure the game is fair, fun, and safe.
  • You are a service to the community, players, coaches, and fans.


  • Working with other referees help’s you understand how different people are, yet be so much like you.


  • You can work a few hours and make some pretty good money.
  • The hourly rate is MUCH higher than working at a fast-food restaurant.
  • As you improve and work higher level games, the money improves.


  • Many opportunities for advancement as you gain experience to a higher level of competitive games.
  • Some of the people you will meet will become your friends for the rest of your life.

Referee Fees

Monday and Tuesday Mini             $12.00

Wednesday and Thursday Mini      $15.00

Under 10 Boys and Girls                $25.00

Under 12 Boys and Girls                $30.00

Under 14 Boys and Girls                $35.00

            Lineperson                        $12.00

Under 16 Boys and Girls                $45.00

          Lineperson                           $15.00

Under 18 Boys and Girls                $50.00

          Lineperson                           $17.00